Zombie Kill Team Logo "Highly trained ZKT Operators are the optimum
rapidly deployable zombie eradication solution"
                                                           - Steve Smith, President ZombieWarning.com
Rapidly Deployed Highly Trained Peace of Mind
With our own air, land and sea transportation assets, Zombie Killer Teams units are able to quickly deploy to areas of infestation and move around their battle space without relying on the transportation assets of the host country.

We have several Zombie Killer Teams on call at locations throughout the world to ensure that we are able to deliver a rapid response.  ZKT offers the quickest deployment of personnel and resources of any other company providing a similar service.

When you're in trouble, you can trust on ZKT to get to you fast and end the problem quickly.
The Operators on the Zombie Killer Teams are the best of the best from the Special operations Community.  Our vetting process is the toughest in the industry and the high attrition rate of our qualification and training means that only 3 of 100 potential future ZKT Operators make the cut.

ZKT Operators know what it takes to get the job done and live by the motto "Never Leave a Zombie alive".  Strict target identification and appropriate levels of force are used to ensure that 100% of the Zombies are destroyed and disposed of properly to avoid accidental contact infections in the future.
Sleep peacefully at night knowing that there are men and women ready to ensure that your family is safe should a Zombie attack occur.

ZKT Operators not only conduct a rapid and thorough job at annihilating the zombie threat, but they do so with minimal collateral damage.

Post Zombie Annihilation, the Zombie Killer Teams work with the local governments to strengthen defenses, set up Zombie Free Zones and set up aid stations and counseling centers to treat the wounded.

Trust ZKT to protect you and your family.

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